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While most of our nation has put the recent recession behind, poor fiscal policy and mismanagement has kept Connecticut stuck in economic doldrums. Employers large and small try to put down stakes, only to get hit with new taxes, and new regulations, and new legal challenges brought by the state.

I am running for Attorney General to change this, and to continue the work I started years ago – first in local office, then six years as a state representative in Hartford, and last year as the Republican party and Independent party candidate for US Congress.

The Attorney General can help right our course by creating a stable regulatory and legal environment, thereby removing barriers to success for all citizens. The AG needs to know when to sue, when to help, and when to sit quietly on the sideline. Indeed, the lawsuit not brought is often more important than the legal claim that is.

I will work tirelessly to ensure that the AG’s office is more focused on making people safe and prosperous, and less on making headlines.

As in all state races however, we need to raise initial funds to ultimately participate in the citizens election program. Specifically, we need to raise $75,000 via donations of $100 or less to trigger a state grant of $700,000 – funds that will not only allow me to prosecute our campaign, but also help the entire Republican slate.

If we work as a team, we will win as a team.

Please help me take Connecticut back in November 2018 through your generous support today.


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